10:00 TO 12:00
with Fernando Cerviño

HOUSE & WORLD MUSIC: Because Ibiza is music

Playasol Ibiza Radio 92.4 FM is a new musical project from Playasol Ibiza Hotels, a radio station with local coverage in Ibiza and Formentera which offers an alternative musical style from electronic music. With a varied proposal where Ethnic, Pop and House music have a place, Playasol Ibiza Radio has built its own musical identity based on the multicultural tradition of the white island where the Bealearic Beats & Sounds started. Allow the sounds of the island surround you and let us be your travelling companion. Because Ibiza is full of harmony and tonality: Be Eclectic, Be Balearic.



Saturday 12:00-14:00 LA MALETA with Ale Doretto
Saturday 14:00-16:00 LUNCH UNDER THE SUN wirh DJ Moreno
Saturday 16:00-18:00 URBAN BEACH with DJ Kace
Saturday 18:00-20:00 SLOW DISCO with Juanma Quesada
Saturday 20:00-21:00 VIBE MODE with Tee Alford
Saturday 21:00-22:00 ON THE ROKS with Diego Ro-K
Saturday 22:00-23:00 JURASSIC SOUNDS with Sedanosaurio
Saturday 23:00-24:00 SHIVAR RECORDS SHOW with Andy Craig
Saturday 24:00-01:00 MEGAPOLIS COLLECTION with Slava Shelest
Sunday 01:00-07:00 SESIÓN DE MADRUGADA Club Sessions with Rayco Santos
Sunday 07:00-08:00 MATINAL SESSIONS Lounge DJ Sessions
Sunday 08:00-09:00 WAKEPHONIC with Chito de Melero
Sunday 09:00-11:00 LOWER BEACH with Maris
Sunday 11:00-13:00 VARIATIONS ON A THEME with Balearic Beard